Monday, March 21, 2016

Time flies when you are having fun(!!?)

I am sitting in a session for blogging at the CCSA in Greensboro, NC and am looking through the different blog platforms, when I come across my own blog! Wow! Completely forgot about starting this blog way back then. Sooo much has happened since that time. I am now teaching 4th graders and have been for 3 years. My first year was spent in kindergarten with the small but oh so cute students. I would go back to kindergarten, but I do love the 4th graders. That is why  I am in this session. I want my students to start blogging, to get them writing and to use as a reader's response platform. From there, who knows where we will go with it. Hopefully we will all learn from this experience!
My goal is to blog at least once a week from this point going forward, so let's see what happens this week!

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